The healing power of nature

the escape journey is a set of holistic experiences that integrates nourishing organic plant ingredients and traditional healing practices.

  • eforea: spa at Hilton Signature : Radiance Facia
  • Melt Away Tension Facial
  • Invigorate & Revive Body Scrub
  • Rest & Restore Body Wrap
  • Nurturing Massage
  • Meditation Massage
  • This powerful anti-aging facial will deliver visible results. Designed to reverse the signs of aging, heal, strengthen and protect the skin.

    This facial taps into the benefits of Marine Collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles combined with Marine Algae packed full of nutrients and vitamins that helps to increase circulation and maintain a healthy skin, while mother of pearl saturates the skin with super hydration, leaving the skin plump and radiant.

    90 Minutes

  • With so much tension held in the upper back and neck area, this is a facial that will work to alleviate stress that shows in your face.By starting with a back steam cleanse, exfoliation and massage. The facial continues with a skin analysis to determine your individual needs, working to address specific skin concerns. A facial that goes beyond the usual realms leaves you refreshed and renewed.

    90 Minutes

  • An energizing full-body exfoliation therapy cleanses the spirit, revitalizes the energy meridians and brings tone and clarity to the skin. Your choices of native Australian aromatic oils are applied to the body, followed by desert salts to exfoliate and purify skin.

    A warm water massage washes away the stresses of the outside world followed by a MIii Pekiri to relieve muscular tension. A sensory experience for the body that leaves skin invigorated and the spirit revitalized.

    90 Minutes

  • Unwind, relax and nourish your body with this complete anti-aging rejuvenation experience. To begin, you will be energized and nourished with a complete mother of pearl body exfoliation.

    Then you will be cocooned in warm and vitamin-packed pearl and kelp body mud, which works to cleanse and deliver essential nutrients to the skin, while you enjoy an Aboriginal inspired LI’TYA PAUDI scalp massage.

    You will then surrender your body and soul to a rhythmic application of hydrating, body treatment oil to complete this truly holistic experience.

    60 Minutes

  • An intense and rhythmic body massage inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal techniques, integrating pressure point work, stretching techniques and spiraling movements, this massage integrates the use of hot Guberra rocks to relieve muscular aches and pains, rebalance and realign energy flow to refresh and renew.

    Excellent maintenance therapy against the stress of the modern world, this massage enables the body to start healing itself, relieving physical and emotional tension. A choice of native aromatic oils is prescribed to suit your individual needs – to rejuvenate, harmonize or detoxify.

    60 Minutes

  • With a focus on instilling a deep sense of mental and physical relaxation, this massage is perfectly suited to the overworked, overtired and sleep deprived. Integrating deep flowing, nurturing and relaxing techniques to create a seamless massage and rhythmic body massage, Pekiri is inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal techniques, which work to reduce muscular and mental tension and enable the body to start healing itself.

    A choice of native aromatic oils is prescribed to suit your individual needs – to rejuvenate, harmonize or detoxify.

    Meditation Massage