The ultimate repair shop.

A collection of problem-solving re-energizing experiences designed especially for men bringing balance and wellness to the body, we promise to take you on a transformative journey of the senses, helping you to emerge brighter.

  • eforea: spa at Hilton Signature : Body Repair and De-Stress Face Treatment
  • All-Over Detox
  • Total Body Overhaul
  • Realigning Sports Massage
  • A complete body and face de-stressing treatment combines a warmed bamboo massage and a deep, slow muscle massage of legs, back and shoulders followed by a face cleanse, scrub and moisturizing.

    Also included is an amazing scalp massage that every man will love. This ultimate de-stress treatment will leave you feeling and looking totally relaxed.

    90 Minutes

  • This treatment commences with a masculine, warmed bamboo massage of the legs to ease muscle tension and muscle tightness. A deep cleansing and exfoliation of the upper back and chest unblocks the skin’s pores in those hard to reach areas. Then follows a warm body mud that draws out toxins and renews – excellent for problem or oily skin.

    The body is then re-hydrated with a luxurious back, shoulder and neck massage. The treatment finishes with a relaxing scalp massage, which releases all head tension, while increasing blood circulation to help nourish the hair and scalp.

    60 Minutes

  • All men will love this deluxe body treatment: A complete body rejuvenating experience offering all over body cleansing and exfoliating, eliminating dull, dead skin cells, while aiding problem skin often found on the hard to reach back area.

    Targeting both the upper chest and back areas, the body is also treated to a warm, rain-like water massage while reclining as multiple shower heads cleanse the body. A luxurious, relaxing full-body massage follows. To finish, a short, facial detailing treatment which deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin, and a scalp massage releases all tension. A true body rejuvenating experience you deserve.

    60 Minutes

  • Aimed at the sports enthusiast and/or active gentleman to alleviate muscle soreness, aches and pains. Increasing circulation to heal minor soft tissue injuries and is perfect for pre- or post-physical activities, this deep tissue, tension releasing massage works to ease and eliminate the pain and stiffness accompanying minor muscle strains.

    A specific and uniquely formulated muscle rub and sports oil are combined for fast and effective results.

    60 Minutes